How do I Enable the IR Port on an Acer 5720 Laptop?

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The IR (infrared) port on a Acer 5720 laptop computer allows you to control certain software products via a remote control similar to the way you would control a television set. Apple's iTunes and Microsoft's Windows Media Center are just two examples of programs that can be controlled via remote control. Before you can use the IR port, however, you have to manually enable it via the Windows Device Manager.

  • Right-click "Computer" on your desktop.

  • Click "Properties."

  • Click "Device Manager."

  • Scroll down to and right-click on the listing in the Device Manager window for your Acer 5720 laptop computer's IR port.

  • Click "Enable" to manually enable the IR port. You can now use a compatible remote control to operate compatible software titles on your Acer 5720.

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