How to Create Radio Station for Web Design

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A radio station for web designers is a niche market that can gain many subscribers.

Web designers may need constant tips and information on how to become better web designers. They may also need a place to advertise their services to connect with consumers interested in buying a website. Creating a radio station for web design is a niche market that can allow you to make multiple streams of income if you advertise a product or service specifically for web designers. Designing a web station online is a cheaper alternative than creating a conventional FM radio station, which requires getting approval from the FCC (Federal Communications Committee) and involves many other start-up costs.


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      Decide what content you will discus on the web-design radio station. Have a list of the different topics that can be discussed so you do not run out of ideas. Gather a list of individuals that you might want to interview as guests to keep the show fresh and enticing for your listeners. Look to the creators of web-design sites and individuals who have created blogs with large followings as experts to interview.

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      Choose a radio-broadcasting network that will allow you to broadcast your own radio station. For example Shoutcast, Ubroadcast and Blogtalkradio allow you to download software to create your own radio station. Prerecord your radio show using radio creation software that can be found online. Blog Talk radio allows you to conduct your web-design radio show on the phone. Audio quality may not be as good as prerecording your shows.

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      Download to your computer any resources that illustrate what might be discussed on your radio web-design station. Your subscribers may want to see finished products or tutorials they can read or print out on their own. Have these materials and resources available to either email or submit to your subscribers.

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      Advertise your radio station by buying adspace on website freelance sites like and You can also use social networking sites like Facebook to advertise your radio station. Speak with individuals who have blogs on web design about advertising with them. If they have large audiences, the blogger can suggest readers listen to your radio show.

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