How to Build an Electric Bicycle

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A kit ensures you'll have compatible parts for your electric bicycle.

Bicycles have always been a widely used transportation method all around the world, even though they faced minor modification over time. One of the most important improvements that can be made to a bicycle is adding a motor to power it, instead of its classic pedals. Even though you cannot expect impressive speeds or power from a motor-powered bicycle, it will still get you from one place to another with less effort on your part. Parts for transforming a bicycle into an electric bicycle are available on the Internet, and you can even find complete easy-to-mount kits.

Things You'll Need

  • Bicycle
  • Electric bicycle converting kit
  • Various size wrenches
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      Buy an electric bicycle kit or the individual parts. The parts contained in a kit are: electric motor, battery, motor control system, chain and sprockets.

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      Affix the motor to the frame of the bicycle. If you bought a kit, it should come with a fixing frame. If not, you need to make one yourself. Pick a location for your motor that won't bother you while cycling, and can also assure a simple connectivity between the motor and the sprockets. Usually, the best place for the motor is inside the triangle of the bicycle frame, or behind the seat, above the rear wheel.

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      Find a place for the battery. Just like the motor, the battery should come with a frame if you bought a complete kit; otherwise, you must build the frame yourself. The battery can be affixed wherever you find it suitable to mount it and won't interfere with your comfort.

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      Take out the rear wheel of the bike and mount the sprockets on the axle.

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      Put the rear wheel back in place and put the chain in place between the sprockets and the motor.

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      Mount the motor controls on your handlebar or anywhere you find it easy to access and use. Connect the controls to the motor.

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      Connect the battery to the motor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buying a complete kit will assure that all the parts are compatible and have the right functioning parameters, unlike the problems you might face when building the whole system from individual parts, such as too low or too high engine power, motor overheating and so on.

  • Make sure the motor and sprockets are aligned properly or your chain might jump off.

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