How to Use the Paasche Airbrush

Many people think that airbrushing is a new art form, but the technology has been around for more that a century. It was invented back in 1879 for photo retouching. Not long after artists began experimenting with the airbrush, it has since grown into a powerful and versatile tool used by people around the world. There are several different brands available, but for beginners Passche is the airbrush of choice due to its low cost and durability.

Things You'll Need

  • Air compressor
  • Moisture trap
  • Hoses and attachments
  • Airbrush paint
  • Paper


  1. Hooking Up the Airbrush

    • 1

      Plug in the air compressor.

    • 2

      Attach a moisture trap (for removing water from the airflow) to the compressor.

    • 3

      Connect the airbrush to the moisture trap using a hose.

    • 4

      Add paint to the reservoir on the airbrush.

    Single Action

    • 5

      Adjust the air pressure using the compressor's pressure gauge.

    • 6

      Aim the airbrush at the paper.

    • 7

      Press the trigger down to release paint and air, release the trigger to stop. Adjustments to the air pressure cannot be made while painting with this style of airbrush.

    Double Action

    • 8

      Press the airbrush trigger down. This starts the airflow but does not release paint.

    • 9

      Aim the airbrush at the paper.

    • 10

      Pull the trigger back to release paint into the air. The farther you pull back, the more paint will be released.

    • 11

      Release the trigger to stop both air and paint.

    Cleaning the Airbrush

    • 12

      Disassemble the airbrush, being careful not to lose any small pieces. Check your airbrush's instructions for a list of its parts.

    • 13

      Clean all parts with an appropriate solvent for the paint you are using.

    • 14

      Reassemble the airbrush.

Tips & Warnings

  • Single Action: An airbrush that has a single trigger that releases paint and air at the same time, and cannot be adjusted while in use.
  • Double Action: An airbrush that allows the artist to control both air and paint flow with the same trigger while in use. Pressing the trigger down releases air while pulling it back releases paint.
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