How Do I Clothe Mannequins?

Mannequins are easy to clothe and pose.
Mannequins are easy to clothe and pose. (Image: mannequin 2 image by cyrano from

Store owners use mannequins to call attention to clothing and accessories sold in their stores. Mannequins are made in male and female forms in all ages, from toddlers and young children to teens and adults. Mannequins are available in various poses or are posable. Most have breaks at the arms, legs and waist to make dressing and undressing them easier. Putting clothes on a mannequin is simply a matter of knowing how to assemble one.

Arms and Torso

Lift the arms upward and remove them.

Place a blouse or shirt on the mannequin by sliding it over the head or wrapping it around the back and buttoning it closed.

Slide the arms into the sleeve holes, and position the pins into the pin holes in the shoulders. Carefully snap the arms back into position.

Legs and Waist

Twist the mannequin's waist at a 90-degree angle, or slip it on the hips. Most mannequins twist, but some slip to be removed.

Remove one leg by turning it at a 90-degree angle and twisting it off. Most mannequins come with one leg that's removable at the thigh.

Pull the pants or skirt onto the leg of the mannequin that is still attached, and then slip the unattached leg into the pants or skirt.

Snap the leg back into the waist by lining the pin up with the pin hole.

Snap the legs into place into the waist portion of the body.

Stand or Base

Slip the mannequin onto the post of the stand. Most mannequins have a hole in one sole, but some come with a calf flange that slides into a hole in the ankle or calf area to allow the mannequin to wear shoes.

Tighten the tension screw.

Push the mannequin gently to ensure that it is steady. Do not stand the mannequin in an area where it can be bumped or knocked against a wall by customers.


Add a wig, hair accessories and jewelry to your mannequin.

When clothing mannequins, use hair accessories.
When clothing mannequins, use hair accessories. (Image: a mannequin with long red hair and red dress in outdoor setting image by David Smith from

Clothe the mannequin according to the season and the clothing you're currently selling.

Dress mannequins seasonally.
Dress mannequins seasonally. (Image: mannequin image by adisa from

Clothe mannequins realistically.

Be realistic.
Be realistic. (Image: Toddler Mannequin image by FJ Medrano from

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are renting your mannequin, you will be liable for any damage done to it. Follow all instructions for assembling and disassembling the mannequin.

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