How to Register a Key for Ad-Aware Pro

Ad-Aware Pro is a paid version of the popular Ad-Aware software. This software removes unwanted adware from your computer. Although these files typically do not contain viruses and are usually not

designed to steal data, the files build up on the computer, slowing it down. When purchasing Ad-Aware Pro you are given a registration key through email. This email key is required to install the programming onto your computer system.


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      Open your email account and load the message from "Lavasoft" (the creator and provider of Ad-Aware Pro). In the message, the registration key is listed.

    • 2

      Double-click the downloaded Ad-Aware Pro file. This downloads directly to your computer once the program has been purchased.

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      Click "Next" on the welcome page, then type in the registration key code listed in your email message.

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      Scroll through and accept the license agreement, then leave the installation name and location as-is (changing these settings may result in the computer being unable to detect the installed programming). Click "Install" and the Ad-Aware Pro software installs directly to the computer.

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