How to Transfer 8mm Cassette to DVD

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DVDs will last much longer than magnetic video tape

Transferring any movies on 8mm cassettes to DVD is essentially the same as transferring VHS videos over to DVD. With a computer containing the right hardware and software, you can connect your 8mm player to the computer and record the cassette videos onto the computer for burning onto discs. Transferring videos to DVDs will ensure your videos will last for many more years.

Things You'll Need

  • 8mm cassette player
  • Computer with DVD burner
  • Video capture card
  • DVD burning software
  • RCA composite cables
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      Connect a video capture card to your computer if one is not already installed. If you are just connecting it, install the card's software on your computer; the software disc includes the card's drivers and a recording application.

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      Connect the 8mm cassette player to the capture card using RCA composite cables. If the player's output ports are not color coordinated, remember that the video port is for the yellow plug, the white is for left audio and the red is for right audio.

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      Load the 8mm cassette into the player and begin playing. Open the capture card's software application from your computer's Applications folder; the cassette's video should appear on the application's view screen.

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      Press the application's "Record" button to begin recording and then once more to stop it.

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      Open the DVD burning application and import the recorded video into the application using the program's "Import" command. Depending on your video capture card and software, you may be able to do this automatically from that application after recording.

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      Insert a recordable DVD into the computer disc drive.

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      Click on the application's "Burn" button to record the video to the DVD.

Tips & Warnings

  • Given that you are transferring the video to DVD, you may want to record the video in pieces to convert it into chapters. Load each chapter into the DVD recording application immediately after recording it from the tape. Or you can use DVD authoring software, such as DVD Architect, to add chapters.

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