How to Tell If Your Dwarf Hamster Is Dying


If you are concerned that your dwarf hamster is dying, take it to a veterinarian immediately. However, you might not know if you should go to the veterinarian if you don't know what the symptoms of a dying hamster are. Although it can be difficult to determine if a dwarf hamster is just sick or actually dying, there are clues that can help you determine your answer.

  • Observe any gastrointestinal abnormalities in your hamster. Hamsters are prone to developing a highly contagious condition called "wet tail." This illness can become serious rather quickly and cause death if not treated in time. Symptoms that your hamster could die from this disease include excessive diarrhea and loss of appetite.

  • Note any behavioral abnormalities or changes of appearance in your hamster. Those that are seriously affected by wet tail can experience lethargy and a ruffled coat. In addition, a hamster that could be suffering from a serious, life-threatening issue may also become very still and refuse to eat.

  • Look for signs of breathing difficulties. If your hamster exhibits symptoms of labored breathing, such as wheezing and huffing, it could be a sign that your hamster is dying. Noisy and heavy breathing are also symptoms of respiratory distress that could be potentially life-threatening.

  • Note any bloody discharge coming from the hamster. If you see blood coming from the hamster's eyes, nose, ears, mouth or anus, it could be a symptom that it is very sick and about to die.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep your hamster away from other hamsters if you suspect that it is sick or dying, in case it is contagious.


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