How to Download Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Essentials, a part of MSN, offers many different features that you can use with your Windows Live account. With Windows Live Essentials you have access to Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, the Bing (MSN) Toolbar, Writer and Family Safety. All of these can be invaluable to a constant MSN user, and Windows Live Essentials gives you all of these features in one place.


    • 1

      Open your Web browser and navigate to the Windows Live Essentials download page (See Resources).

    • 2

      Click the “Download Now” button to download the installer. Choose to “Run” the installer.

    • 3

      Choose the programs that you want to install with Windows Live Essentials on the first screen of the installer. Everything is checked to begin with; uncheck any of the programs that you do not want to install. This includes Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, MSN Toolbar, Writer and Family Safety.

    • 4

      Click “Install” after you have chosen and wait for Windows Live Messenger and any other selected programs to install.

    • 5

      Finish setting up the MSN options. You can choose to set Bing as your search provider, set MSN as your home page and/or opt in to send private data to Microsoft to help improve Windows Live.

    • 6

      Click “Continue” after you have made your choices.

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