How to Get a New Social Insurance Number

Nine-digit Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) are the Canadian equivalents to United States Social Security numbers. The Canadian government is strict about issuing new SINs and will only allow a citizen to obtain a new number if there is proof that his current number is being used fraudulently. New numbers are not granted to people who have lost their cards and are at risk of fraud, but only to those who have actually been victimized.

Things You'll Need

  • Evidence of fraud


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      Visit your local Service Canada office and make an appointment to see an agent. Tell the agent that your Social Insurance Number has been used fraudulently.

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      Show the agent your Notice of Reassessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. This supports your claim that your Social Insurance Number has been used by someone other than you and warrants an investigation. The Canadian government will perform an investigation into the fraudulent use of your Social Insurance Number. If your claim is found to be true, the government will issue a new number to you.

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      Contact all financial institutions with whom you do business. This includes banks, creditors, lending offices and employers. Let them know that you have obtained a new Social Insurance Number and ask them to update their records.

Tips & Warnings

  • According to Service Canada, a new Social Insurance Number does not prevent people from fraudulently using your old number. You may still be asked to prove that you were not involved with this illegal activity.
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