How to Create a Website Proposal


Writing a business proposal for a website allows you to map out your plan, time line and needs for capital. A business proposal is instrumental if you hope to secure capital from an individual or group. Business proposals are easy to write. Use persuasive language and a basic outline to make your point. The most important piece of any proposal is to state your goals for the website in a clear, concise manner and to demonstrate how the site will be profitable.

Things You'll Need

  • Word processing software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Write an executive summary. Your executive summary needs to engage your readers. Summarize the components of your proposal with eight to 10 strong sentences. Explain why your website is important and how you intend to allocate capital funding. For example, you might write, "Our proposal demonstrates the need for X dollars for content generation and website development work. The site will be profitable within one year, and the proposal outlines the steps to profitability."

  • Write a project description. Describe the website in detail. Include at least 10 paragraphs dedicated to the construction time line, project mission statement, tasks performed by team, materials needed and graphic examples of the project. Be sure to communicate clearly each step that will take place to get the website up and running. Provide your readers with relevant and realistic dates and details. Use bullet points and key statements to make your points. For example, "ABC website design will begin in two weeks. We have hired content writers and graphic designers." Or, "Funds will be allocated for salaries, software supplies and computer equipment."

  • Write a customer analysis statement. Research and gather information on your chosen industry. Write a statement that communicates how the research you gathered is relevant to your project. Include statistics from similar websites. Including details on comparable projects shows your familiarity with your chosen industry and the potential for growth with your project. For example, you might write, "According to ZZZ, DEF website saw 50,000 visits in one month."

  • Write a marketing statement. Marketing plays an important role. Describe your marketing strategy, and create a bullet list with each marketing method you plan to use. Write a short sentence explaining your choice. Here's an example, "Website banner: Banner will placed on partnering sites to generate new traffic to ABC website."

  • Prepare a budget spreadsheet. List all costs associated with the setup and maintenance of your website. For example, include payroll, domain name fees, computer equipment, hosting fees and marketing costs. Your budget should also include and start-up capital that you bring to the project.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep your proposal organized. Create a title page, a table of contents and an appendix.
  • Refrain from using the word "I" in your proposal.


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