Growing Bamboo in Missouri

North America's only native bamboo, giant cane, grows in Missouri and the state has a good environment for growing imported species as well. You can buy young plants from garden stores. In the colder parts of the state choose a hardy variety that will survive the winter. Bamboo, a member of the grass family, comes in two types, clump and runner. The runner varieties spread quickly and are not recommended for a domestic garden. Choose the clumping type, which is much easier to control. Spring is the best planting time.

Things You'll Need

  • Spade
  • Compost
  • Garden canes
  • Twine
  • General purpose fertilizer


    • 1

      Till the soil, removing all weeds, and amend it with garden compost so that it is loose and drains well.

    • 2

      Dig a hole larger than the young bamboo plant's container. Carefully remove the plant from the pot, place it in the hole and cover with compost. Water thoroughly.

    • 3

      Water the young plants in their first year so that the soil around them is moist but not sodden. Put mulch around the base of the plant to increase water retention.

    • 4

      Support the growing bamboo with garden canes, attaching the plants to the canes with twine. Tie the twine loosely so that the plant has plenty of room to grow.

    • 5

      Feed the bamboo with a general purpose fertilizer during the growing season, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can grow dwarf varieties of bamboo in patio containers.
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