How to Remove Track Changes in Microsoft Word 2003

Microsoft Word 2003 was a popular version of Microsoft's long-running word processing software series. The program includes countless features, including adding headers and footers, inserting graphs and loading templates. Another features, used for editing, is called "track changes." Track changes highlights modifications to the document. Removing track changes from a document can be just as important as adding it because you may want to avoid people viewing all revisions on a finished copy.


    • 1

      Open the file you want to remove track changes from, then click the "View" menu.

    • 2

      Hover the mouse over "Toolbars," then open "Reviewing." This opens a toolbar.

    • 3

      Click the "Show" button. You'll then have the option of which types of tracked changes you would like to review.

    • 4

      Select the track changes items that you wish to remove by placing checks in their corresponding boxes. Be sure to place a check in the box next to "All Reviewers" so all changes will be displayed.

    • 5

      Scroll through each tracked change by clicking "Next" on the "Reviewing" toolbar then selecting either "Accept change" or "Reject" to remove the tracked change.

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