How to Get a LEGO Insider Badge

A LEGO Insider Badge is awarded to people on the My Lego Network social networking site, and it can be displayed for view by other users along with the rest of your profile. Badges typically are awarded for creative uses of LEGOs or for being a dedicated LEGO fan. The LEGO Insider Badge is awarded only to people on the My LEGO Network sites who have traveled to Billund, Denmark, to visit the company headquarters.

Things You'll Need

  • My LEGO Network account


    • 1

      Book a flight to Billund, Denmark, and go to the LEGO company headquarters and factory. Billund has a large international airport, and tickets can be booked from America with no or few connecting flights.

    • 2

      Take a professionally guided tour of the company's facilities. LEGO holds daily tours of its facilities during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

    • 3

      Ask the tour guide for a formatting code for a LEGO Insider Badge. The tour guide will provide you one for free on a LEGO trading card. A code also can be emailed to you by request.

    • 4

      Enter the code on the LEGO trading card into the formatting section of your My Lego Network page. The icon will appear along with your other badges.

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