How to Delete a Google Search Drop Down

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Deleting your past Google searches lets you surf the web in privacy

Every second, 34,000 Google searches are conducted, and if you're like many Internet users, you've contributed a few searches to that total. But what if you don't want others to know what you've been searching for? Knowing how to delete you Google search history from the drop-down menu on Google's home page can let you search privately and not worry about nosy users checking your history.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet-enabled computer
  • Internet Explorer Web browser
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  1. Deleting History in Internet Explorer

    • 1

      Open Internet Explorer. These steps will work best with Internet Explorer version 8.0 and newer.

    • 2

      Select the "Tools" menu. This menu is found at the very top of your Web browser.

    • 3

      Choose "Delete Browsing History" from the "Tools" menu. Navigating this menu will not only delete your Google search history, but also all other previous Internet activity.

    • 4

      Place checks next to "Form Data" and "History." If you see any other Internet options, such as cookies, that you would like to delete, you can also select them from this menu.

    • 5

      Click "Delete" in this menu and hit "Yes" when the pop-up window appears. This will effectively remove your search history and prevent previous searches from appearing in the Google drop-down menu.

    • 6

      Press "Close" to shut down the "Tools" menu and return to Internet browsing.

    Deleting History in Safari

    • 7

      Click the word "Safari" on the left of the top toolbar to open the Safari menu.

    • 8

      Select "Preferences" from the Safari menu.

    • 9

      Select the "Autofill" tab from the Preferences menu and press the "Edit" button next to the words "Other forms."

    • 10

      Click on in the list of websites, then press "Remove."

    • 11

      Click "Done" to save your options and return to browsing.

    Deleting History in Firefox

    • 12

      Click "Tools" in Firefox's top toolbar and select "Clear Recent History."

    • 13

      Select a time span from the drop-down menu to choose a range of history to delete.

    • 14

      Expand the Details section by click the arrow next to it and make sure "Browsing & Download History" and "Form & Search History" are selected.

    • 15

      Click "Clear Now."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are using alternate home pages such as iGoogle, these steps will still apply.

  • While these steps will stop previous searches from appearing in Google's drop-down menu, they will not prevent future searches from being stored.

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