How to Buy Used Car Repair Manuals Online

A used car repair manual is a consumer guide on care and maintenance of used cars. It has details about scheduled maintenance, parts and repair procedures that car owners follow to take care of the vehicles. These guides are created for cars of many different makes, models and years. Usually guides pertain to a range of years for a certain make and model of vehicle. Most of these guides for used cars are available online.


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      Look up the exact make, model and year of the car you need a repair manual for. This is the most important part of this process because repair manuals differ widely for different makes, models and years of vehicles. Look at your car title, or owner's manual that came with you vehicle to obtain this information.

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      Find a site online that sells repair manuals. Haynes and Chilton manuals are reputable publishers that both maintain websites. Other sources you may want to consider are Amazon, which sells new and used books, as well as Factory Auto Manuals, which buys and sells various auto manuals. All of these resources are available below.

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      Search for the make, model and year of your car in the manual section of Haynes, Chilton and Factory Auto Manuals. In Amazon, simply type this information into the search bar.

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      Click on the manual that applies to your vehicle. Click on the button that says "Purchase" or "Add to Cart."

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      Type in your payment and shipping information. Submit the information and wait for your repair manual to arrive in the mail.

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