How to Write an Official Receipt of Money

Maintaining receipt-of-payment records is important for businesses and individuals. When you loan money to a friend or family member, or are repaying a personal loan, receipts can help you avoid financial misunderstandings and errors. A receipt doesn't have to be made on an official form or printed on a computer. You can hand-write it on a piece of paper and sign the document. Give the original receipt to the individual making the payment. Keep a copy for your records.


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      Write "receipt" in block letters at the top of your document. In the upper right-hand corner write the receipt number (if any) and the date you received the money.

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      Write "Received from" followed by the payer's first and last name. To the right of the person's name, write the dollar amount they paid.

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      State what the money is going toward--rent, goods or services, for example--on a line beneath the individual's name and the payment amount.

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      Include a section with the current balance, payment amount and balance due if you receive regular payments from the individual.

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      Write down whether the payment was made by cash, check, money order or credit card.

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      Write "Received by," followed by your printed name and initials, at the bottom of the receipt.

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