How to Use a Kangaroo Pump


A Kangaroo pump is a feeding pump for babies that slowly delivers the formula directly to the stomach of a baby in a steady drip and is used to provide a consistent and steady flow over any period of time. The formula is held in a bag inside the pump and then the pump allows the formula to be let out of the pump in the manner you specify. If you as a mother should need to use the kangaroo pump without the supervision of a nurse, you must know how to operate it.

Things You'll Need

  • Formula
  • Kangaroo pump

Pour the formula into the feeder bag and close the roller clamp on the feed line. You will know the clamp is closed when the formula doesn’t leak out of the line.

Hang the feeder bag on the stand and turn the Kangaroo pump on. You will have to wait a few seconds while the pumps starts up.

Press the clear button on the pump as soon as the pump finishes the start up check of the system. This will reset any previous settings.

Use the arrow buttons to select the rate, dose and volume at which you want the formula delivered. Your doctor or nurse will indicate these specifications for your case.

Find the arm on the back of the pump and press it down. The arm will keep turning until is it fully extended downward.

Place the bottom of the drip chamber of the bag into the lower opening in the pump. This opening will be exposed once you move the arm on the back.

Align the top of the bag inside the pump and feed the tubing through the arm extended below the pump.

Open the roller clamp and allow the tube to fill with formula. Watch the tube so you can close the roller as soon as the tube is filled.

Close the arm by turning it back upward and pushing it in place on the back of the pump.

Connect the end of the pump tube and the feeding tube and tape them together. Make sure they are attached securely to prevent leaks.

Open the roller clamp on the pump tube to allow the formula to exit through to the feeding tube.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check with your doctor or nurse about how to prepare the formula for use specifically with a kangaroo pump for the best results.
  • Do not treat anyone without referring with a trained medical professional or you could seriously jeopardize the person’s health.

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