How to Design a Logo for a Hotel

Make a reader-friendly logo combining the hotel's character and appeal.
Make a reader-friendly logo combining the hotel's character and appeal. (Image: Company logo image by Max creative from <a href=''></a>)

Hotel logos represent a hotel's character and motif to draw travelers to their establishment. Before starting a hotel logo design project, first decide on the impression you want to make about the hotel. As a dependable corporation, a hotel wants to ensure guests through its branding and advertising that it is a quality accommodation that travelers feel comfortable choosing. While designing the logo, keep in mind the hotel's desired goals. Through creativity and innovation, bolster the idea that the hotel provides exceptional quality to its guests.

Things You'll Need

  • Graphic design software
  • Hotel information

Choose a logo style. Go a simple and elementary route for a more fun-loving hotel that appeals to a younger or more adventurous crowd. Decide on an elegant and graceful design for a classic hotel going for a sophisticated appeal. Plan a polished and professional look that will include the hotel name hotel name and graphic element.

Choose a graphic. Decide on a graphic or object to compliment the hotel name. Pick an object that represents the hotel. For example, MGM grand uses a lion for the lion used in MGM movies. However, Hyatt hotels do not use a object but a single red arched line. Veer away from complicated objects like a city street scene, boats on the water or bed and dresser. Keep the graphic simple, clean and memorable like a few ivy leaves, a sketch of door, a bird, a graphic of a winding road. Some graphic designers choose to accentuate the first letter of the hotel name as the graphic.

Pick the color. Create a dark or bright color to use for the logo and text. For calming impression, choose a darker color like navy or black. To create a flashier appeal, select a red, yellow, blue or combination of hues. If you choose a single color, like purple, make sure the purple will not start to look sickening or silly with the addition of the text. Mix shades in moderation so you do not create a tie dye look.

Choose a font. Pick a serif or san serif typeface. A serif adds flourish to each letter, like a curl or little cursive flair like in Century or Garamond. San serif fonts do not have flourishes and are boxy and clean, like Helvetica or Tahoma. Consider a seraph font for a more exquisite or classic hotel brand. For a more modern and very reader friendly style, go with a sans serif.

Position the graphic and text. Include the text above, below or to the sides of the text. Choose where to place the text and graphic based on readability. Print the prototype logo. Stand back from the logo and make sure you can follow the logo's logic, reading from left to right or top to bottom.

Ensure all the elements work together. Before sending the logo on to the hotel or the advertising firm, send the logo to a few friends or colleagues. Ask what their impression is of the hotel as a whole based solely on the logo. Write notes on their first reactions to the logo. If you find that the the image in the logo makes a person think the hotel is fun and youthful but the font says classic and a bit stuffy, make adjustments to stay true to the hotel's character.

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