How to Apply for Immigration to Australia

Australia is a nation of great natural beauty, cultural diversity and a high standard of living. As an expanding business destination and welcoming society, Australia also offers immigration opportunities to skilled persons and those with personal connections there. There are a number of ways to immigrate to Australia.


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      Consult the Skilled Occupations List of the Australian Department of Citizenship and Immigration (see Resources) to find out if you can qualify for immigration based on your professional background. Some of the sought-after professions in Australia are in the fields of engineering, architecture and computer technology. If you have the necessary qualifications and work experience, you might qualify for immigration even without an employment offer.

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      Get sponsored for immigration by a family member, fiancée or spouse who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Your sponsor will have to arrange for your financial support in Australia for the first two years.

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      Open a business in Australia to get a provisional two-stage visa, where you are granted provisional residency in Australia for four years, which can be upgraded to permanent residency provided the business is successful and you continue to invest in Australia. To apply for this type of visa, you must already have a successful business career and demonstrate commitment to investing in Australia.

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      Download the required immigration forms for your specific circumstances from the official Australian Immigration website (see Resources) and fill them out. You may want to hire an immigration consultant to help you choose the appropriate forms and fill them out correctly.

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