How to Catch a Mouse Without Hurting it


If you are the type of person who has a love for animals and an aversion to causing them harm in any way, dealing with a mouse in your home is a challenge. Whether mice make you want to cringe or cuddle them, having a wild rodent in your cabinets isn't something that you'll likely abide. Traditional methods of catching mice usually involved some form of quick death by poison or impalement or a slow one as a result of starvation. There are more humane ways to safely catch a mouse and remove it from your home without either hurting or killing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Peanut butter
  • Live traps
  • Purchase a live trap. These can be located at your local hardware store and are available on numerous websites. Make certain when you are buying a trap that it is a catch-and-release trap and not one that electrocutes or otherwise kills the mouse.

  • Select the right location. Mice tend to follow the same path when going to and from one location to another. If you notice signs of a mouse, such as mouse droppings, in a particular area, place your trap along that trail. Preferably, find a section of the mouse path that is not highly visible to you or house guests.

  • Prepare the trap. Entice the mouse to enter by placing a small amount of food such as peanut butter, bacon or dry oatmeal, inside of the trap. Once the mouse is lured into retrieving the bait, he will go into the trap and will be unable to exit, either because a trigger has closed the door or the entrance way is made in a manner that he is unable to escape.

  • Check the trap several times a day, if possible. If you are unable to check in on your trap due to work or other activities during the day, check it as soon as possible to see if a mouse has taken the bait. Once you have a mouse in the trap, put on your gloves and remove the trap from your home. You will want to take the mouse as far away from your house as possible to prevent it from returning. Open the door and let the rodent free.

  • Reset the trap. Chances are that you have more than one mouse to contend with in your home, so you should set several traps in different locations. Continue with your humane trapping cycle until you have gone a week or longer without a capture.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take efforts to mouse-proof your house by sealing any holes and keeping countertops and floors free of food debris.
  • Mice can die from hunger or starvation if left in the live trap too long. Relocate it as soon as possible.
  • Wild mice often carry diseases and care should be taken when handling them to prevent bites.
  • Clean any area that has come into contact with mice, using a mild bleach solution.

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