How to Prune an Indoor Bamboo Plant


If you have an indoor bamboo plant, you can keep the bamboo looking its best through occasional trimming and pruning of the plant. When you prune an indoor bamboo plant, the focus is not simply to keep the bamboo attractive though. Pruning also serves to limit the plant’s size. Without occasional trimming, the bamboo will continue to grow, eventually becoming too tall to be kept inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife Shears
  • Remove any culms from the bamboo plant that appear thin in comparison to the others or that wilt or take on a wrinkled appearance. Culms refer to the large, thick stems that grow up from the base of a bamboo plant. You can remove as many of these culms as you want to without damage to the plant. To remove the culms, cut with a sharp knife right down at the soil.

  • Slice off the top of any culm that grows too tall. When cutting the top off of a culm, cut directly above a node, the slightly larger part of the culm that appears like a rough ring around the smooth part of the culm. If you leave a partial culm above a node, the culm will eventually die off anyway.

  • Prune away any branches on the culms that look withered or dead, or simply appear unattractive on the culm. Bamboo Garden recommends cutting all branches from the lower third of the culm and trimming the branches on the middle third of the branch for the best appearance.

  • Design the top part of the culms anyway that you would like. Aside from trimming the dead or dying branches on a bamboo plant, no branches must be removed for the health of the plant. Pruning the branches on the culms to thin out the branches, and make them appear less cluttered, can be done just for aesthetic purposes.

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