How to Make a Xena Costume


Xena was a mythological figure, a trendy television star and a symbol of female empowerment for decades. She even had a planet named after her. But most al all she had a great look.I is no surprise that she is still one of the most popular ideas for costume parties and Halloween.

Things You'll Need

  • Black leather vest
  • Black string Bikini top
  • Plain short black skirt
  • Long leather belt
  • 2 yards of black faux leather
  • Gold fabric paint
  • Needle and thread
  • 2 shoe laces
  • 10 round Velcro fasteners
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pair of scissors
  • Toy sword and scabbard
  • About three hundred small metal studs
  • Pair of black boots
  • Plastic plate
  • Exacto knife
  • Good color photo of Xena
  • Paint the bikini top with a pattern similar to the pattern on Xena’s breast plate. Wear over vest.

  • Cut a circle of faux leather seven inches across. Cut the circle in half. Sew the straight side of each half circle to each upper arm hole of the vest. You will have something like a butterfly sleeve.

  • Make an over skirt by wrapping a piece of the black faux leather around your waist. The skirt should be a little longer than the plain black skirt which will be worn under it. . Attach it in the back with Velcro fasteners. Cut slits about 1 inch apart all the way around up to about 2 inches from the top of skirt. Cut each strip into a point. Glue metal studs along each strip about an inch apart.

  • Cut two pieces of faux leather big enough to fit around your forearm from elbow to wrist. Allow about an inch of overlap for Velcro fasteners. Cut wrist end into a shallow point. Glue about three Velcro fasteners to each arm arm band one at the each end and one in the middle.

  • Cut two strips of faux leather about two inches wide and long enough plus an inch to go around your upper arms. Glue 2 Velcro fasteners on each armband.

  • Cut the center from the plastic plate with an exacto knife to make your chakram. Plaint silver.

  • Cut two pieces of faux leather big enough to go half way around the front of each boot and long enough to go from your ankle to just above your knee. Cut it square on the ankle end and rounded at the knee end. Glue to front of boot. The round end should come up over the top of boot.

  • Attach your sword scabbard to the belt in the center. With the scabbard just behind your back wrap the belt over your left shoulder, cross at your right hip and buckle at your left hip. If you can’t find one long enough buckle two belts together.

  • Decorate your costume with gold fabric paint.

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