How to Write on Glossy Paper


There are many occasions that might call for writing on glossy paper. For example, you may need to take a note on a laminated page, sign a photograph, postcard or yearbook, or you may want to add your signature to an arts and crafts project that involves glossy paper. It's important that you choose the right pen for writing on glossy paper, and that you give the ink enough time to dry on the page before touching or sending.

  • Go to your local office supply store or arts and crafts store. For photographs and postcards, most stores sell special markers made specifically for writing on that type of glossy paper. Laminated paper may require a different marker, such as a Sharpie. For glossy magazines, a good ballpoint pen will work well. Be sure any pen or marker you choose is labeled "permanent." Do not use markers intended for dry erase boards.

  • Check the pen or marker on a section of glossy paper for practice. Often new pens and markers will be overly dry or wet when you first use them, so scribble with it a few times to avoid blots on your glossy paper.

  • Write your message on the glossy paper, taking care not to let the side of your hand touch the words you have written. If you are left-handed, write slowly and keep the side of your hand off of the page if possible.

  • Place the glossy paper in a safe place to dry for at least one hour. Before touching the words or letting anything touch the top of the paper, hold the paper up to the light. If the ink is still shiny, it is still wet and needs more time to dry or you will risk smearing what you wrote.

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