How to Download Music on the Samsung Gravity

The Samsung Gravity cell phone, popular for its multimedia and music capabilities, allows you to add music to your phone as often as you like. You can download files to the phone for free using your computer's music library, and you can transfer the files using your phone's text messaging or email inbox.


    • 1

      Open the emailing program on your computer and click "Compose" to open a new, blank message.

    • 2

      Click "Attach a File" and use the pop-up window to select a song from your computer to add to your phone. Click on the song and then click "Open."

    • 3

      Enter the email address for your cell phone's text message inbox, using your 10-digit wireless number and your wireless provider's domain name (see Resources).

    • 4

      Click "Send" and the message will be delivered to your phone. Open the message to access the song.

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