How to Download Free Samsung MP3 Music

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Most Samsung cell phones now offer the capability to download music, giving you a phone and portable music device all wrapped up into one tiny package you can carry anywhere. Your Samsung cell phone’s service provider offers a music download service where you can purchase MP3 music and download it to your cell phone, but if you already have MP3 tracks on your computer, you can download them to your phone.

Things You'll Need

  • E-mail account


  1. Compose a new e-mail message. Type your Samsung’s 10-digit cell phone number into the “To” field followed by your cell phone service provider’s text messaging extension (e.g.

  2. Click the "Attach" button and then double-click on any MP3 music files on your hard drive to upload it to your e-mail message. Click the "Send" button to send the e-mail message to your Samsung cell; the phone will receive it as a text message.

  3. Open your Samsung cell phone and press the “OK” button to view the new text message. Then press the right soft key to access the “Options” menu and press the down arrow to scroll to “Save as Sound.” Press the “OK” button to save the MP3 music file to your cell phone as a sound. Now you can find the MP3 music file in your “Sounds” folder as a music file to which you can listen.



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