Writing Data to an Excel Spreadsheet

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You can insert or copy data directly into Excel cells.

Microsoft Excel, a popular spreadsheet program, is a powerful tool for keeping track of data or performing calculations. It is arranged into a series of rows (designated by numbers) and columns (designated by letters). The rows and columns create a spreadsheet that looks like a piece of graph paper, and each of those blocks, called cells, is used to store data. You can write data directly into the cells or copy data from other sources using copy and paste commands.


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      Open your Excel spreadsheet and click on the cell where you would like to insert the data.

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      Type the data you wish to write into the spreadsheet, and it will be entered into the cell.

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      Press "Enter" when you have finished entering the data for each cell, and the cursor will move to the cell below. This feature speeds data entry. If you wish to go left, right, up or down, hit one of the arrow keys when you have done entering data in the cell and the cursor will move in that direction.

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      Copy data from other sources and paste it directly into the spreadsheet. If you are copying from another Excel spreadsheet or a Word document, for instance, use the "Copy" and "Paste" commands found under the "Edit" command at the top of the screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are copying data from a Word file, you can copy a list of data quickly. Each line will take up one cell provided there is a hard return at the end of each line in the Word file.

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