Do-It-Yourself Floral Centerpieces: The Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower is a fun motif to include in a floral centerpiece.

The Eiffel Tower is a one-of-a-kind structure that has become a grand symbol of French culture and, more specifically, of Paris. It is used as a decorative motif in clothing, fabrics, stationery, wallpaper, and countless other products. When incorporated into a floral arrangement, the Eiffel Tower lends a charming, continental effect. A floral centerpiece featuring the Eiffel Tower is ideal for a French- or Parisian-themed party, wedding or restaurant. Using the right materials and supplies, you can make one or more such centerpieces with relative ease.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted greenery
  • Assorted cut flowers
  • Water-filled buckets
  • Floral foam
  • Leak-proof container
  • Eiffel tower model
  • Hot glue
  • Natural moss
  • Scissors
  • Optional: waterproof floral tape
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      Place an assortment of cut flowers and greenery into a water-filled bucket where they can remain hydrated while you assemble the centerpiece.

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      Submerge a brick of floral foam into a water-filled bucket. Allow the floral foam to become completely saturated with water.

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      Remove the soaked floral foam from the water-filled bucket and position it in a leak-proof container, such as a glass or ceramic dish, or a plastic floral foam tray. Make sure the floral foam is securely positioned, and will not wobble around within the container. Hold it in place by winding waterproof floral tape around both the foam and the container, if necessary.

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      Place a model of the Eiffel tower so it is centered atop the floral foam. Use an Eiffel tower model of any size you desire. Keep in mind that taller models may obstruct the views of those seated around a table.

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      Gently push the Eiffel tower model into the floral foam, so that the four legs sink into the foam to a depth of about ½ to one inch.

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      Apply hot glue to one portion of the Eiffel tower model. Immediately cover the hot glue with natural moss. Repeat this process with the entire model, until every portion of it is moss-covered; this will give the illusion that the Eiffel tower is made of moss, making it harmonize with the remainder of the floral centerpiece.

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      Trim assorted pieces of cut greenery with scissors. Insert the greenery into the floral foam at the base of the moss Eiffel tower. Drape the greenery down around the edges of the floral foam so that is partially or, if you wish, entirely hides the leak-proof container.

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      Shorten the stems of the assorted cut flowers with scissors. Push the flowers into the floral foam around the base of the moss Eiffel tower. Add flowers to the sides of the floral foam as well, draping some down over the edge of the leak-proof container. Make sure the floral foam is completely covered with greenery and flowers. Check that the centerpiece is pleasing when viewed from all sides and angles.

Tips & Warnings

  • To further the French effect, use flowers in colors of red, white and blue, as these are the colors of the French flag.

  • Find Eiffel tower models in varying sizes at craft and hobby-supply retailers.

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