How to Call the Ukraine From the USA

It is possible to call just about anywhere in the world from the Unites States, including Ukraine. Whether you have family members or friends in the eastern European country, calling individuals in the Ukraine is similar to dialing a standard long distance number, only there are a few additional numbers you must dial (and you are going to be charged an international fee to call out of the country).


    • 1

      Dial in "011." This is the exit code you must dial when calling anywhere in the world outside of the U.S. and Canada.

    • 2

      Press "380." This is the country code for Ukraine and must be dialed to reach anyone in that country.

    • 3

      Dial in the two digit area code if calling a land line. If you are calling someone on a cell phone, enter in the two digit network code.

    • 4

      Enter in the remaining seven digits of the phone number, and you will be connected with the desired line in Ukraine.

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