How to Use a GameCube Controller with "Mario Kart Wii"


While the motion-sensitive Wii Remote controller and Wii Wheel accessories encourage you to tilt and turn to steer your racer in “Mario Kart Wii,” the GameCube controller offers a more traditional, button-based control option. However, you can only race with a 'Cube controller if you have a Wii console with the model number RVL-001. If your Wii has four controller ports hidden under its top flap, you're set to ride GameCube-style.

  • Open the top flap of your Wii console to access its GameCube controller ports. Note that the port nearest the front of the console is the player one port, followed by the player two port, and so on. Insert the end of each GameCube controller you wish to use -- you can use up to four in “Mario Kart Wii” -- into the respective port.

  • Navigate the in-game “Mario Kart Wii” menu by using the GameCube's left analog stick and confirming your choices with the large, green “A” button. You can cancel your choices by pressing “B.” Start a race in the single-player or multiplayer Grand Prix, Time Trial, VS or Battle mode. Each mode uses the same button configuration.

  • Hold the “A” button to accelerate your kart or bike and steer your vehicle with the analog stick. Release the button to slow down, or press the “B” button to brake. Keep holding “B” to go in reverse.

  • Press the “R” shoulder button quickly to perform a small hop, or hold the “R” button down to drift around tight corners. Releasing “R” after a successful drift gives you a useful speed boost. Press “X” or the “Z” shoulder button at any time to look behind your vehicle, like a rear-view mirror.

  • Press the “L” shoulder button to use your current item, such as a Red Shell or Mega Mushroom, once you've collected it from the item boxes scattered among the tracks. Hold down “L” to equip the item rather than use it immediately. This allows you to pick up an additional item to use next, while the equipped item acts a rear-facing shield, deflecting some item attacks from other racers.

  • Tap any direction on the d-pad just after launching off the edge or a ramp or other elevated surface to perform a trick. If you land your trick successfully, you'll get a short speed boost. If you're using a bike and racing on flat ground, press up on the d-pad to enter into a wheelie and down on the d-pad to end your wheelie. Successfully ending a wheelie also gives you a speed boost.

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