How to Take Apart a Gameboy Color Cartridge


The Nintendo Game Boy Color was the company's long-awaited update of its highly popular Game Boy portable video gaming system. Game Boy Color retained the same game and sound processing hardware but added the crucial ingredient of full-color games. If you have Game Boy Color cartridges that you wish to take apart and take a peek at the inner workings, you may have noticed that the cartridges are not easy to get into. You need a special screwdriver or a little know-how.

Things You'll Need

  • Small needle nose pliers or Game Bit screwdriver
  • Turn the cartridge label side down.

  • Carefully unscrew the screw on the back of the cartridge by tightly squeezing the edges with a pair of fine-tipped needle-nose pliers. Nintendo salesman Danny Goulter adds, "The custom screws used in all Game Boy cartridges is called a Game Bit. Some customers who regularly take their cartridges apart prefer to invest in a Game Bit screwdriver rather than messing with pliers."

  • Turn the cartridge over and pry the label side away from the back. The game circuit board is not glued or soldered into the cartridge, so go slowly to avoid the board falling out.

  • Remove the circuit board from the cartridge to complete disassembly.

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