How Do I Catch a Zangoose on Pokemon Emerald Version?


New Pokemon games that Nintendo introduces often contain many new features, such as a new world or newer Pokemons to catch. However, this is also bad news as you cannot keep every detail. For example, the starters Charmander/Bulbasaur/Squirtle in Red and Blue are replaced by Pikachu in Yellow while Ho-oh in Gold is at level 40 but is absent in Pokemon Emerald.

Things You'll Need

  • Pokemon Emerald
  • Pokemon Ruby
  • 2 Game Boy Advances
  • Link cable
  • Pokemon with HM Fly
  • 25 Ultra Balls
  • Fly to Fallarbor Town and travel east to reach Lanette's house in Pokemon Ruby.

  • Search the grassy area right outside of Lanette's house until you encounter a Zangoose. Weaken it through attacks until its health is in the red region and inflict Sleep or Paralyze if you can. Throw Ultra Balls at Zangoose until you catch it. It will probably take a few Ultra Balls.

  • Fly to any Pokemon Center and make sure to have Zangoose in your party. Go up to the second floor and use the middle machine to initiate a trade with another player.

  • Connect the link cable from your Game Boy Advance's USB port to another Game Boy Advance's USB port. Make sure the other GBA has Pokemon Emerald on.

  • Trade any Pokemon of your choice from Emerald for Zangoose in Ruby.

Tips & Warnings

  • This is the only way of catching Zangoose in Emerald without the aid of a Game Shark.

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