How to Convert Swf to AVI Using Ffmpeg


Online video streaming websites often use the Adobe Flash player to play video. Online videos can be stored in Flash (swf) files. Flash is primarily designed for the web and so if you want to playback a video offline, you will need to convert it. FFmpeg is an application tool for converting video and audio streams. FFmpeg can manipulate video and audio independently from one another or together and is built into most Linux distributions. Linux is a free open-source operating system, and there are many Linux distributions available. FFmpeg is a command line tool that is accessed via your Linux command terminal. FFmpeg is a complete solution to audio and video conversion.

  • Open your Linux command prompt terminal. The location and access to this will be different depending on your Linux distribution. Check your distribution's user documentation if in doubt.

  • Change the path to the location of the SWF file you want to convert using the "cd" function. For example type "cd /usr/local/downloads" and press Enter, if your SWF file is in the path /usr/local/downloads.

  • Type "ffmpeg -i file.swf file.avi" in the terminal window, just after you've changed the directory. Replace "file.swf" to the name of your swf file. Replace the "file" of "file.avi" with the desired file name for your output file.

  • Press "Enter" or "Return" on your keyboard and wait for FFmpeg to convert your video. The speed of your video conversion depends on your system specification, video length, and formatting of the original SWF file. Close terminal after conversion has finished. Your converted file will be in the same directory as the original SWF file.


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