How to Neatly Write an Invitation Envelope


When you spend time and money choosing the perfect invitation for a special event, it's a shame to send them off in sloppily addressed envelopes. With wedding invitations, etiquette dictates that the envelope should be addressed by hand or with a calligraphy service, which helps the invitation stand out from the bills and other mail the recipient is searching through. However, addressing by hand is often difficult to do neatly.

Things You'll Need

  • Envelope
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Decide whether you will address the envelope in script or print. While script is generally the more formal way to address an invitation, it will do you no good if your script is illegible, and will certainly do nothing to help the neatness of your envelope. Practice writing the address on a sheet of paper to choose which way you will write it on the envelope.

  • Stamp your return address in the upper left corner of the invitation envelope if you have access to one. If not, hand write your return address. Choose a high-quality, reliable pen that you have tested and does not leak or blot when you write. Write your name first, your street address beneath it, and your city, state abbreviation and zip code beneath that. Follow this step before writing the recipient's information, as writing the latter first may lead to smearing the ink with your hand as you write the return address. If you are left-handed, stamp or write the return address after the recipient's address is written.

  • Use the ruler to locate the middle of the envelope. Start just to the left of and above this point so that the block of text will be centered, and not the first word. Keep the ruler on the envelope as a reference for a straight line so that your writing doesn't slant, but do not write directly above the ruler, as you will not have room for letters like "g" and "y."

  • Write the name of the recipient in your neatest handwriting. If this is a formal invitation, include the titles "Mrs." or "Mr." Write the recipient's street address below their name, and the city, state abbreviation and zip code directly beneath that. Focus on centering each line, rather than lining up the first letter of each line, which will give a neater appearance to your envelope.


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