How to Find the Model Number on an Antique Singer Sewing Machine

Antique Singer sewing machines are collector's items and can be found at garage sales and consignment stores. To find the value of an antique sewing machine, it is helpful to find the serial number. A serial number will also be needed when searching for an instructional manual for the machine. Antique Singer sewing machine serial numbers can be found in various locations on the machine depending on model and year.


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      Set the antique Singer sewing machine with the front facing forward sitting upright.

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      Locate the part of the machine just above the base and below the hand wheel. This part is opposite the needle arm.

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      Find the plaque with the serial number. The serial number will be on a thin, rounded piece of metal with stamped numbers or letters, or a combination of the two. Machines made before 1900 have serial numbers with no letters. Serial numbers with any letters in front of numbers indicate a machine made after 1900.

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