How to Block Websites in Firefox

If you use the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, you may want to block a website from being visited from your computer. This is useful to keep children from visiting unsafe sites or to keep anyone from visiting a dangerous website that could infect your computer with a virus. If you want to block a website, you must download a Firefox add-on called LeechBlock, since there is no way to block a website through the Firefox settings. It takes little time to download this add-on and after you do, you can block as many websites as you want.


    • 1

      Go to the Firefox Add-ons Web page for LeechBlock and click the green "Add to Firefox" button.

    • 2

      Click "Install Now" when a window pops up asking if you want to install the add-on. When the installation finishes, a window will open with a list of your add-ons. The LeechBlock add-on will show up in the list.

    • 3

      Restart Firefox so you can begin blocking websites with LeechBlock.

    • 4

      Click the "Tools" drop-down menu from the top menu when Firefox opens. Select "LeechBlock," and then select "Lockdown." The LeechBlock window will open.

    • 5

      Type the name of the website you want to block in the form under "Enter the domain names of the sites to block." Click "OK." The LeechBlock window will close.

    • 6

      Enter the website you blocked in your Internet browser to verify that the site is blocked. A message will show up saying "Site Blocked. The site you are attempting to access has been blocked by LeechBlock."

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also use LeechBlock to block websites on certain days or time periods. This is useful if you want to keep your child from visiting certain websites on school days or when he should be studying.
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