How to Tell If Someone Blocks Your Email Address

If someone blocks your email address using his own email client, you won't be able to send that person messages. If you try to send a message, it will be immediately sent right back into your inbox and will be labeled as "Undeliverable." Therefore, if you want to check and see whether a particular person has blocked your email address, the simplest thing to do would be to try to send him a message and see what happens.


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      Open your email client. This is the program that you use to send and receive email. This can be a program like Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live, or your Web browser if you have a Web email account.

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      Click "Compose" or "New Message" to open a new message window.

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      Type the recipient's email address--one you know to be valid and working--into the "To..." box. Give the message a subject and a brief body. Click "Send."

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      Click "Inbox." If the message you tried to send immediately shows up in your inbox, that particular recipient is blocking your email address.

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