How to Care for Dwarf Robo Hamsters

Robo hamsters make entertaining pets.
Robo hamsters make entertaining pets. (Image: hamster image by cat from

Roborvski hamsters are the smallest of all hamster breeds. They reach about 2 inches fully grown. The life expectancy of a Roborvski hamster is three to four years. Roborvski hamsters are not recommended as pets for small children as they are fast and active. They are not usually tame enough to handle. However they are entertaining to watch.

Things You'll Need

  • Habitat
  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Water Bottle
  • Food dish
  • Hamster food

Create a proper habitat for your Roborvski hamster. Roborvski hamsters need plenty of floor space due to their energetic nature. Thanks to their size they can escape from tiny spaces. A glass aquarium is usually the cheapest option and allots plenty of floor space. Alternately, choose a plastic habitat. These are more lightweight than glass aquariums but are normally more expensive. The plastic habitats also scratch easier making it harder to view your hamster.

Also purchase a mesh cover for your aquarium so the hamster cannot escape. Provide plenty of ventilation because Roborvski hamsters are sensitive to heat. Do not place your hamster near a window or heat source. Avoid habitats with lots of tubes and tunnels. These decrease the floor space and are harder to clean.

Use the correct bedding in your hamster’s cage. Choose bedding made for small hamsters. Some suitable choices include wood shavings, hemp-based bedding or paper-based bedding. Do not use pine, cedar or other softwood shavings as these contain phenol oils and are dangerous for your hamster. Do not use scented bedding because it can cause irritation to your hamster’s airways. Choose bedding that is dust free and absorbent. Change your hamster’s bedding often.

Provide your hamster with a wheel and other toys. Choose a solid plastic wheel because the hamster’s feet and legs will not get caught in the gaps, which is a risk with metal wheels. Other good accessories include tubes, ladders, houses, slides and swings. Do not take up too much floor space with the toys. A hamster ball also allows your hamster to roam outside of his habitat without getting lost.

Feed your hamster properly. Provide the hamster with fresh, clean water and food daily. Purchase a water bottle and a sturdy food dish for your hamster’s habitat. Ceramic food dishes work well as they are gnaw proof. A Roborvski hamster's diet mostly consists of hamster mix. Use a mix made for dwarf hamsters. It’s usually made from smaller seed so is easier for your hamster to eat and store. You may also feed your hamster small amounts of fresh fruits like apples or bananas, vegetables like carrots, unsalted nuts like peanuts or unsalted popcorn. However, do not feed the hamster too much of these foods because they can cause diarrhea.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you choose a healthy hamster from the pet store. Look for clear eyes and a shiny clean coat.
  • If your hamster gets diarrhea you may be feeding it too many fruits and vegetables or not cleaning the cage and changing water often enough.

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