Homemade Wheelchairs for Little Dogs

Make a wheelchair from PVC pipe.
Make a wheelchair from PVC pipe. (Image: large plastic pipes image by Yali Shi from Fotolia.com)

With retail prices for dog wheelchairs ranging in the hundreds of dollars, the sticker price for a wheelchair for your little dog may come as a shock. If your dog has a problem standing or walking, it may benefit from a homemade wheelchair. Dog wheelchairs function like a human wheelchair in that they support nonworking legs while the "arms" (a dog's front legs) pull the body weight. However, because a dog walks on all fours, a dog wheelchair has to be constructed to bear the weight of the dog's belly.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • 2 PVC pipes, 6" long, 1" wide
  • PVC pipe, 6' long, 1" wide
  • Hacksaw
  • 4 "T" connectors
  • 6 "L"connectors
  • 4 casters with male attachments
  • Two skier's or tennis player's headbands
  • Glue
  • Duct tape

Measure your dog's length, then add four inches.

Cut two lengths of PVC pipe the length of your measurement in Step 1.

Measure the width of your dog, then add two inches.

Cut two lengths of PVC pipe according to the measurement from Step 3.

Cut the lengths of pipe from Step 2 into three pieces. The first cut should be two inches from one end, the second cut should be two inches from the opposite end.

Rejoin the pieces from Step 5 with "T" connectors; use two T connectors for each length. Before you completely connect them, thread the two headbands onto the middle section of one length, then thread onto the other. The two headbands stretch from one side to the other to support your dog's weight.

Place one "L" connector on one end of each length of pipe, then insert one of the short PVC pipes that you cut in Step 4. Connect the three pieces to make a "U" shape. The short pipe will go across your dog's behind and the two lengths will go along the sides of your dog's body.

Make the wheelchair legs. Cut four sections of PVC pipe to the height of your dog's back. Place these sections into the "T" connectors on the two lengths, to make four "legs."

Place two "L" connectors at the open ends of the two lengths. Insert two 6-inch pieces of PVC pipe. Top the two pieces with an "L" connector on each and join the two together with the other short section you cut in Step 4. This forms a handle to guide your dog.

Insert the casters into the feet of the vehicle.

Place your dog into the cart and make adjustments as necessary for your pet to be able to walk properly. For example, you may need to shave a little height off the vehicle so he can walk.

Glue the joints together. For extra security, wrap the joints with duct tape.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check with a veterinarian before making a wheelchair for your dog, to ensure their medical condition warrants it.

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