How to Speed Up Wireless Internet

Improving the speed of the wireless Internet in your home makes it easier to stream video online or perform other high-bandwidth activities. By making a few simple changes to the set-up of your wireless network, you should increase the speed of your home Internet. You should see an increase in less than 15 minutes.


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      Find a good channel for your router. Many users in proximity on the same wireless channel cause interference and slow your network. If you have a cordless telephone, change its channel to see if this improves your network speed. If not, download Net Stumbler to see which channel wireless networks nearby are using. Change to the least popular one by adjusting your router per its instructions.

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      Switch to OpenDNS. Replacing your Internet service provider's DNS service with OpenDNS reduces the number of web-address failures and speeds a connection. OpenDNS is used by thousands of companies around the globe and has a free facility available to standard domestic users.

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      Move your router. Good locations for a wireless router are central in the home, where the signal can be distributed evenly. Some routers are bound to their location by the positioning of a modem. Consider purchasing some longer Ethernet cables to allow you to distance the router from the modem.

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