How to Cut Brick With a Saw


Cutting bricks with a table-mounted brick saw is a simple procedure used by masons for decades. The need to cut bricks is an everyday occurrence in the building trades and is something that happens on nearly every construction site. While it's possible to cut bricks using a handsaw, using a brick saw is more accurate and quicker.

Things You'll Need

  • Wet saw
  • Diamond brick blade
  • Water
  • Chalk
  • Vise
  • Hand held masonry saw
  • Compressed air (canned or air compressor)

Wet Saw Cutting

  • Place the brick on the cutting platform with the blade of the saw aligned with the cutting line on the brick.

  • Start the water on the saw, making sure that you have a constant flow on the blade to keep the blade from overheating. Wet the brick as well.

  • Move the shuttle platform containing the brick toward the saw blade. Cut the brick using a step-cutting process. Push the brick against the blade to cut a small line in it, then pull the brick away to remove the material from the blade. Push the brick against the blade again to cut further through the brick, and pull away again. Repeat this process, setting up a slightly rocking back and forth motion against the blade until you've completely cut through the brick. The step technique efficiently cuts through the brick without overly wearing the blade as it eliminates cut material that would increase the friction between brick and blade.

  • Turn off the saw and set the brick aside to dry before use.

Hand-Held Cutting

  • Cut through the brick with a hand-held, muscle-powered masonry saw when dealing with smaller brick quantities or when cutting in areas where power is unavailable. Mark a line on the brick where you want to make the cut, using a piece of chalk or by visibly scoring the brick with a sharp implement.

  • Secure the brick so that it will not move while being cut. A vise will do.

  • Place the blade of the saw with the saw teeth against the marked line, angled slightly to the surface of the brick on the edge furthest from your body. Make sure the saw blade you're using is rated for the type of brick you're cutting, or the blade will dull before making its way through.

  • Cut through the brick using a back -and-forth sawing motion. Should dust from the brick accumulate in the cutting line, stop cutting and blow it away with compressed air before continuing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Extended wet cutting can cause the water pan to accumulate minerals from the bricks, staining later bricks a slightly different color than earlier ones. Change the water as you cut to prevent this from occurring.

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