How to Walk 3 Miles a Day to Lose Weight


Walking is a safe way to lose weight and maintain good health. If you have a comfortable pair of shoes and a place to walk, you can start immediately. Walking three miles a day may be difficult in the beginning, so start off slow and walk farther each day. Staying hydrated and having a balanced diet are also key to losing weight and keeping it off because a balanced diet is just as important as exercise.

Walking is a way to maintain good health.
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Things You'll Need

  • Walking shoes
  • Comfortable clothing
Step 1

Wear comfortable shoes and dress in loose fitted clothes for easy mobility.

It is important your feet are comfortable.
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Step 2

Find a place to walk like a trail, track or park.

Trails and tracks are good options for walking.
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Step 3

Determine the distance of where you will be walking by looking for distance markers or using a pedometer. If you are using a track, one lap is equal to a 1/4 mile.

A pedometer can help you track how much you are walking.
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Step 4

Warm up by walking slowly for a few minutes, then gradually add speed until you are at a comfortable pace.

Warming up  only take a few minutes.
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Step 1

Start off at your own pace.

There is no need to be worn out on day 1.
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Step 2

Add a 1/4 mile to your walk each day until you reach three miles.

Add distance each day.
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Step 3

Cool down at the end of your walk by walking slowly for a 1/4 mile or for a few minutes.

Cool off your body.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wear sunblock to protect your skin.
  • Consider buying a pedometer.
  • Walk with a friend to stay motivated.
  • Talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.
  • Avoid walking after sundown.
  • Avoid uneven terrain.


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