How to Use Poison to Kill Moles


Moles may look cute, but these little rodents can cause big problems in your yard. The animals burrow deep tunnels underneath your lawn, which disrupts the way your grass and plants feed. The moles also dig holes in the ground, which may result in injury if you or someone else falls into one. You may even find the ground collapsing on top of their tunnels. The only way to halt the activity of moles is to kill the rodents using a gas or liquid poison.

Things You'll Need

  • Broomstick
  • Syringe
  • Mole poison
  • Find the areas of your lawn where the moles were most recently. Look for burrows or tunnels on the top of your lawn where the dirt is pressed over the grass. Press a broomstick into the top of the tunnel, causing it to collapse slightly. If the moles are still using the tunnel, the indentation will later disappear.

  • Fill a syringe to the ½-oz. mark with mole poison. Look for products specifically designed for outdoor rodents, including moles and voles. Both Kaput and Sweeney make poisons for moles.

  • Insert the end of the plunger directly into the fresh mole tunnel, stopping before you hit the bottom of the tunnel. Press the end of the plunger until the poison flows into the tunnel and empties completely.

  • Move a few feet down and refill the plunger with poison. Inset the tip of the plunger into the tunnel and press again. Repeat at even intervals along the fresh tunnel, until you have inserted at least six doses of the poison into the mole tunnel.

  • Check other tunnels in your yard, using the same method with the broomstick. When you find a new area where you have moles, add poison with your syringe. If you notice that the moles are still active, repeat these steps using up to 3 oz. of poison at a time.

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