How to Become a Bodybuilder


Bodybuilding is a sport that involves a great deal of knowledge, discipline and training. Dedication and attention to detail are needed to achieve success in bodybuilding. Many people get involved with bodybuilding for the aesthetic results, but they also benefit from the side effects of many sports, those of greater health, strength, stamina and vitality.

  • Thoroughly research nutrition. What you put into your body and your eating habits are among the main factors for success in bodybuilding. Plan out daily recipes that reflect your bodybuilding needs.

  • Join a gym. A gym will give you access to a wide range of equipment needed to train for bodybuilding. It will also give you a community of people who are interested in weightlifting and body sculpting.

  • Join a group of bodybuilders, either online or in your community. This will give you access to advice and a pool of knowledge regarding the sport. Groups can give you motivation to keep being disciplined throughout the bodybuilding process.

  • Chart your progress. Mark down data including amount, type and frequency (that means number of reps and sets) of weight lifted; weight lost; weight gained, and muscle gained (measure body parts with a tape measure). Take pictures of yourself before weight lifting from multiple angles and continue to take pictures on a regular basis. This will give you the motivation you need to continue and let you know if you are achieving success.

  • Map out a long-term daily schedule. Write down details of your workouts and your nutrition regimen, including what you should do in your workouts, nuances and unusual occurrences or variations from your norm in individual workouts, what you will be eating, and any supplements you plan on taking. Write down your mood and motivations, as well. Documenting these things will keep you focused for the duration of your bodybuilding routine both daily and over the long term.

Tips & Warnings

  • Stay motivated by reading about the successes and frustrations of other bodybuilders.
  • Avoid friends and acquaintances that distract you from your goals.
  • Get a trainer to help you with the basics of weightlifting if you are not well-versed.
  • Consult a physician before beginning any training regiment.

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