How to Fix Up the Garage


It's easy to let things pile up in your garage, especially if you don't use it regularly. Tools sit cluttered on the work bench, boxes hide the dust, and cobwebs in the corners and occasional oil dripping from your vehicle could leave behind a terrible mess. However, you can find gadgets designed to help you organize your garage and help it work for you instead of against you. From car care to storage and cleanliness, take some time to work in your garage and finally fix it up the way you want it.

Car Care

  • Ensure you properly park the car when you pull it into the garage. A perfectly parked car will lessen the amount of dings and scratches on the walls of your garage, and it also helps ensure you can store items in your garage at no risk of the car running over them. Some devices use sensors and lights to tell you when you park the car in its proper position. For example, a green light will turn on when you pull the car into the garage, and the red light comes on when you park in position and you no longer need to pull forward.

  • Contain moisture that drips off your vehicle and help keep the garage floor clean with a garage floor protector. This lies on the garage floor below your vehicle and contains any moisture that drips off your vehicle. Containing this moisture means you'll no longer have water pooling in a certain area of your garage, where it could affect the items you have stored there.

  • Install a new garage door. If your existing garage door doesn't open, a new garage door can help you store larger items, such as a large tool box, that you may not be able to store in the house. Rolling organizational supplies in and out of your garage through your garage door makes the task of fixing up the garage much easier.


  • Store bicycles overhead to free up more room in your garage. Bicycle racks and hooks allow you to store your bikes securely without taking up precious space on shelves or on the floor. This also helps make sure that no one accidentally runs over your bicycle.

  • Invest in a storage system. An overhead storage system in the garage mounts to studs in the ceiling and can hold small boxes and other items you might commonly store in a bedroom closet. Wall storage is also important in a garage, and wall storage systems help provide additional shelving so you can get items up off the floor and maximize the usable storage space in your garage.

  • Find a place for all your tools. A work bench that comes with tool storage is a good investment, or you can use hooks and clamps to mount your tools to the wall. For loose extension cords, consider an extension cord winder to neatly wrap and store all of your electric cords.

  • Look for a storage rack designed specifically for sporting equipment if you have balls, skates, shoes and bats you need to store. These racks come with shelving you can customize.


  • Dust shelves as you organize. Before you place an item in position, dust the shelf and wipe down the wall in that area first. This will help make sure you start your garage organization project with everything clean.

  • Fix up garages with a wet/dry vacuum. These vacuums can help remove cobwebs and they can tackle all of the dirt and debris you'll find in a garage. If you don't want to move the tank around, look for a wet-dry vacuum that comes with a long hose. You can store it in your garage and use it regularly to maintain a clean garage.

  • Wash away the bigger messes with a power washer. You can't power-wash your garage walls if you have drywall, but you can power-wash the floor to remove set-in stains that you can't sweep away.

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