How to Breed Akita Dogs


When breeding akitas, it is critical that you choose the male and female dog carefully. Both dogs should be excellent representations of their breed--they should meet breed standards as listed at the American Kennel Club website. Akitas were originally bred to hunt bear, so they tend toward aggressive behavior. Since they are very large and powerful dogs, the temperament of both the stud and the dam should be friendly and calm. The dogs should also be fully vetted, up to date on shots, checked for hip dysplasia and other heritable diseases. You should aim to improve the breed by breeding.

Things You'll Need

  • Unaltered male Akita, at least 24 months or older
  • Unaltered female Akita in estrus or heat, at least 24 months or older
  • Veterinarian certification that both dogs are free of heritable illnesses

Learn the signs of a female in estrus. The dog will display significant swelling of the vulva and a yellow--not red--discharge.

Introduce the stud to the dam.

Supervise the mating. The male penis swells inside the female during intercourse. This breeding tie can last up to 30 minutes. During this time, the female might become upset and the breeder should be there to ensure the safety of both dogs.

Note the date the breeding occurred. Akitas are pregnant for nine weeks, so mark your calendar to the estimated due date.

Provide a whelping box for the dam to have the puppies.

Take the puppies to the veterinarian for a thorough check after they are born.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not breed dogs that are related.
  • Do not breed Akitas if either the dam or the stud are aggressive! These are heritable traits.
  • Do not breed if you are looking to make quick money. Taking proper care of a pregnant dog and the puppies is expensive!

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