How to Program a Remote Keyless Entry in a 2000 Cadillac SLS

Cadillac vehicles around the world are equipped with keyless entry capabilities. The 2000 Cadillac SLS features this technology which allows you to control a variety of the car's features from hundreds of feet away, on the street, in the parking lot or in your house. The remote programming can be done in just minutes from your car and requires no previous experience. Programming will give you access to the car's doors and trunk, as well as the starter and panic alarm.


    • 1

      Enter your car and turn the key in the ignition to the "Run" position and then switch it back to the "Off" position.

    • 2

      Open your fuse panel to the left of your stereo beneath the driver's column. Remove the fuse labeled "Radio" or "Fuse 17." See you car's manual if you cannot tell which is the correct fuse.

    • 3

      Cycle the ignition to "Run" and then back to "Off" three more times in quick order and wait for the car to respond by cycling the door locks.

    • 4

      Press and hold the unlock and lock buttons on your keyless remote until the door locks cycle again. This might take up to 15 seconds.

    • 5

      Repeat step three with any additional remotes and remove the key from the ignition once you are finished.

    • 6

      Replace the radio fuse.

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