How to Train an English Bulldog to Ride a Skateboard

Bulldogs are smart, tough and calm in demeanor.
Bulldogs are smart, tough and calm in demeanor. (Image: Bulldog image by Benjamin Huseman from

English bulldogs are the perfect breed to teach to ride a skateboard because they are known as a tough but calm breed. Many people find it cute and entertaining seeing bulldogs performing tricks. Though a bulldog of any age can learn this skill, it's important to teach your bulldog puppy not to fear skateboards as soon as possible. From there, you can teach your bulldog how to get on the skateboard and follow you down the sidewalk on it.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog treats
  • Skateboard

Riding a Skateboard

Teach your bulldog to be comfortable around the skateboard by locking the board in place and leading the dog onto the skateboard with treats. Don't place your dog on the skateboard. Use a treat lure and reward it for climbing on itself.

Direct the dog to mount on command, such as "up" or "step." Give rewards or treats only if your dog will follow the command without seeing the treat.

Attach a leash to the skateboard and drag your bulldog around for short periods of time on the skateboard. Praise and toss treats to the dog while it remains on the board. Don't practice too long. End the game while it's still effective.

Grab your bulldog's favorite toy or treat and start moving it away to lead the dog. If your bulldog gets off the skateboard to follow, end the game. As the dog gets accustomed to following while staying on the board, start running farther or faster. Keep the game short at first. Build up the amount of time it follows you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make safety a priority when training your bulldog. Don't allow him to be off-leash in areas with high traffic, and monitor the amount of exercise time. Because bulldogs have collapsed faces, it's difficult for them to breathe. Heavy exercise can result in over-heating.

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