How to Use a U.S. Electrical Plug in Peru

Look for a hairdryer that has a dual current switch.
Look for a hairdryer that has a dual current switch. (Image: dryers image by timur1970 from

When traveling to another country, you may have to deal with an electrical wall current that is not the same as at home. In the United States, wall outlets provide 100 to 125 volts of current. In Peru, the standard output from a wall outlet is 220 to 250 volts. What you will need depends upon whether or not you have a “dual-voltage” appliance. Appliances that come with an AC adaptor, like a computer or rechargeable battery charger, will have printed on them what range of voltage they work with. A dual-voltage appliance has lower and higher voltage inputs of 110V to 240V. When traveling to Peru, you may need a converter or transformer to adjust the voltage. At minimum, you will need an adaptor to plug your appliance into the wall outlet.

Things You'll Need

  • Adapter
  • Transformer (optional)

Dual-Voltage Appliances

Purchase an adaptor for your appliance. The adapter for a non-grounded plug will have holes for the two flat prongs on the plug and two rounded prongs on the other side to insert into the type of wall outlet used in Peru. The adapter for a grounded plug has three prong holes on one side and three rounded prongs on the other.

Insert the prongs of your dual-current appliance into the adaptor.

Insert the round prongs of the adaptor into the Peruvian wall outlet.

Non-Dual Voltage Appliance

Determine the wattage requirement of your non-dual voltage appliance. This information should be on a label attached to the appliance or embossed somewhere on the case.

Purchase a transformer, for a non-heating appliance such as a battery charger, that meets the wattage requirements of your appliance.

Purchase a transformer for your heating appliance, such as a hair dryer or coffeemaker, which meets the wattage requirements of your appliance if you will be using it for more than 30 minutes at a time. If you will be using it for less than 30 minutes at a time, use a converter specifically made for heating appliances.

Purchase an adaptor, for non-grounded plugs, that will allow the two flat prongs of your appliance to go in on one side with the other side having rounded prongs to go into the style of outlet that you will find in Peru.

Plug the appliance into the transformer. Plug the transformer into the adaptor. Plug the adaptor into the Peruvian wall outlet.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a dual-voltage appliance that requires you to move a switch, place the switch in the correct position before leaving home. That way you won't accidentally use the appliance with the wrong voltage setting.

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