How to Increase My Arm Strength


With a stronger arm you can pitch a baseball or throw a football harder and farther. Arm strength also helps in a number of other sports, from wrestling to tennis. While the ideal arm size varies according to the sport, a number of exercise methods can improve your general arm strength when incorporated into a training routine. If you're focusing on pure strength and bulk, stick mainly to weight training.

Things You'll Need

  • Preacher bench
  • Straight bar with weights
  • Free weights
  • Baseball or football
  • Water bottle (optional)
  • Pull-up bar
  • Try preacher curls to improve bicep strength. Arrange a preacher bench with your legs on either side of the flat seat. Lean across the high end of the bench and set your elbows in a firm position. Hold a straight bar and try to raise it toward your chin without lifting your elbows. Alternatively, fold several towels at the top of a bench set on an incline if you don't have a preacher bench. Preacher curls work the biceps more than most other exercises, according to Men's Health.

  • Use a pull-up bar. Pull-ups increase bicep and shoulder strength. Use a secure horizontal bar at least a few inches higher than your top reach. Grab the bar with both hands and pull yourself upward until your chin is level or above the bar. Repeat as many times as you can manage.

  • Get down and do some push-ups. A classic exercise in the military, push-ups work a range of muscles in your chest and upper body. Lie face-down on the floor. Place your palms flat on either side of your body, with your arms angled out so you're ready to push yourself up. Make sure your legs are off the floor so only your hands and toes touch the ground.

  • Throw long. Overthrowing baseballs and footballs helps develop the muscles in your arm for pitching and throwing. Try throwing to a catcher twice as far as your normal distance and get the ball to him as fast as possible. Increase the distance by 30 feet each time until you reach your limit. Make this part of your training routine. Your limit should increase over time.

  • Build your triceps up using the triceps extension. Place your left hand and left knee on a bench so you're stable but leaning forward. Hold a water bottle or free weight in your right hand and lift to your waist level. Raise the weight backward by straightening your elbow. Flip positions to work your left arm. This strengthens the triceps.

  • Train regularly. No exercise or practice session will improve your arm strength in a day or two. Build a daily routine that includes throwing, weights and exercises.

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